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These highly-focused, Strategy Sessions are designed to illuminate where you should – and shouldn’t! – be investing your time, money and energy as an entrepreneur and small business owner.
Each Strategy Session includes:
A marketing/business self-assessment questionnaire, and the results of your Strengths-Finder Assessment, with review by Rachel prior to your meeting
One-hour in-person, phone or Skype session, including a review of your Top 5 Strengths,* answering questions and discussing strategy as they pertain to your self-assessment and business goals
A PDF summary of our discussion, along with a resource-rich set of recommendations and prioritized action steps, customized and curated just for you.
To prepare for a Productive and Business Changing session, you will first fill out a Business Assessment Questionnaire that will be sent to you when you schedule your session as well as proper instructions for a preparatory review.After your Strategy Session, you’ll receive a powerful, customized tool in the form of a customized PDF. This document will contain your Curated Notes and Recommendations. The information you receive will affirm what we discussed in your session. As a result, you’ll have a clearer understanding of how we can optimally add our skills to yours in order to bring your vision to life.

Whether that’s through a new brand, customized copy for your marketing materials, a full-service blogging and social media plan, a sparkly WordPress website or something else strategically and creatively perfect for your current situation, we can connect you to nearly everything a small business needs to grow and thrive.

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