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These days everything is mobile. Responsive website design or alternate mobile sites are the hottest buzzwords in internet marketing with good reason.PC sales are dropping while mobile device use is on the rise and as technology and innovation is improving, smartphones have become more powerful, affordable and more common than personal computers.

Fact is 97% of consumers research your brand online before they call or come in. Your site will either convince them that you’re exactly what they were looking for, or they’ll decide you aren’t.

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Your website is your online storefront, and if you don’t take that fact seriously, your prospects won’t take your business seriously. From the time a visitor lands on your website you have only SECONDS before they decide to stay on your website or bounce and go find another website.

80% of Internet users own a Smartphone and use it to access the Internet. Mobile devices have overtaken desktop PCs as the viewing platform of choice and mobile Internet usage has surpassed desktop Internet usage in 2015. In fact by the end of this year, the number of Internet users worldwide will have soared to 3 billion users which make 2015 an important year, celebrating the supremacy of mobile internet. The challenge is that about 50% of mobile users report having difficulty interacting with a webpage and you cannot afford to overlook the importance of intelligent design with high quality content.

Mobile Sites

Mobile Optimized Website

Most mobile devices have small screens with limited screen resolution which makes it hard to navigate. Having a mobile version of your website would solve this problem by using a different layout made specifically for mobile devices such as smartphones.

Generally, when a person is going to view a website on their smartphone, they are looking for something specific: Perhaps a phone number, an address, a specific product, a special offer, or a quick overview of the company.

By default, a mobile version of a website is an alternate version of the same website that is optimized for use on smartphones or similar mobile devices with more graphical and easy to “touch” buttons and a simpler navigation with fewer options. Having just the important content available and easily accessible on the mobile site can improve the quality of the user’s experience.

For websites that require more tailored mobile functionality, we recommend building a dedicated mobile website. With this approach, we address mobile specific challenges such as navigation, data entry, visibility, and load time to create a seamless experience for mobile users.

If you expect your users to buy products, access profiles, or fill in detailed forms, then building a dedicated mobile version is the right solution for you.

Mobile Sites

Mobile Responsive Websites

Another alternative solution is a responsive web design – a new approach to building websites. It’s about crafting a website with a fluid layout that adapts or responds to be usable and aesthetically pleasing across a wide range of devices. The result is an optimal viewing experience for smartphone, tablet as well as desktop computer users. It helps to ensure that users stay on your site, rather than to give up and head to a competitors’ website.

We recommend responsive website layout to those customers who want their website content to display correctly and uniformly on a variety of devices, platforms, and screen sizes, but don’t need advanced features.

Don’t run the risk of losing a potential customer or lead because of a bad user experience. If you are designing a new website, or thinking about a redesign, going responsive is the logical choice. Expand your Website’s Reach to a Growing Number of Mobile Users by Going Mobile Responsive!


Why Build a Mobile Optimized Site?

Know Your Customer

Your business was built on the knowledge of your product, and your business will be sustained by your knowledge of who your customer is, and what they want.

Instant Access, Instant Response

Mobile site access puts your company in the hands of your customers no matter where they are. The lag time between their need for information, and their accessibility to their computer, no longer exists..

Go Viral

We are in an era of social media, enjoying the benefit of utilizing the sharing capabilities of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, SMS, Email, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.


Mobile Site Features

The Way Of The Now!

Most of us utilize mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android, and HTML5. Mobile marketing is the way of the now, for instant content availability.


Seeking and keeping up with the latest and most efficient marketing tools can be challenging in a rapidly developing eMarketing industry, but finding the latest and most effective trends will add notable credibility to your business.

There is a smartphone in the hand of nearly two-thirds of mobile phone users, giving us unprecedented opportunities in marketing and brand establishment.


In a mobile environment, your customers can quickly navigate and absorb information offered to them in the palm of their hand.

Fifty percent of local searches are done on mobile devices. One in three total searches are local. Information is sought by the consumer while they’re in the moment. Mobile Websites provide instant results with access that is clean, fresh, and easily navigable. The consumer satisfies their search, quickly absorbing product information provided through your company mobile Website.

Mobile Site Features


Mobile marketing revolutionizes the restaurant industry. Thirty percent of all restaurant searches are already done on mobile devices. Having a mobile Website gives your restaurant a marketing edge with the ease of uploaded photos, menu items and pricing being viewed more easily than ever. Hungry customers can make reservations, keeping your tables filled, and your bottom line fat.


Your business was built on the knowledge of your product, and your business will be sustained by your knowledge of who your customer is, and what they want. Customer satisfaction pushes profits upward.

Having a mobile site gives your customers the opportunity to communicate, leave feedback, and share photos quickly, and in the moment. They don’t have to wait to get home to their computer. They take care of business in the now.


Mobile site access puts your company in the hands of your customers where they are. The lag time between need for information and accessibility to a computer no longer exists.

Build customer loyalty and give them the desire to utilize this marketing tool as you offer your latest specials and discounts to customers and prospects who access your mobile site. Your customer is happy, our economy thrives, and your profits grow.

Mobile Site Features


Your mobile site can be filled with everything you need to provide your customer with information about your business including an events calendar, product photos, your company Website link, and even a blog link, and you benefit from the invaluable sharing capabilities of social networking.

Your mobile site can also make it simple for customers to contact you by providing one touch calling, email contact, and even GPS directions to your door.


We are in an era of social media, enjoying the benefit of utilizing the sharing capabilities of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, SMS, Email, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. Your customers can quickly share your products and time-sensitive information while generating interest and hits to your site.


Our robust analytics allow for easy tracking of your daily, weekly, and monthly downloads and hits.


Mobile Marketing

This day and age everting has gone mobile, and that really does mean everything. Even mobile marketing is on the rise, and while it used to be only for larger corporations, businesses of all sizes are waking up to realize they better get on board.

From mobile coupons that are actually scanned on your phone to massive text campaigns prompting customers to only mention they got the message, the sky is the limit in this new world of marketing. There are several options, but the most important thing is that by taking advantage of the ever growing trends of texting and accessing the internet by phone, you can increase your marketing power by massive proportions.

Sometimes it is a simple sign on the window that prompts customers to text a certain number to receive various deals and updates, sometimes it is a billboard on the side of the road screaming the same, and other times it is a full on sign-up that allows your mobile device to scan a coupon that is only available via mobile.

However it may play out for your business, a mobile marketing campaign must have at least two characteristics to be successful. It must have plenty of good deals, and those deals must be exclusive.

Getting customers to sign up for texts is easy. Everyone will sign up with the promise of a deal, but if you stop there that will be the end. A successful mobile marketing campaign will offer up real money saving deals consistently. They do not have to be predictable, such as every Tuesday or once a month, but they must come and come often. When they do come, they should make customers glad they signed up.

A random text that Uncle Joe’s corn chip pies are hot and waiting for them after the game is fine occasionally, but what really spreads the mobile fire is the announcement that those same pies are buy one get one free for those that mention the text.

Deals that can be gotten by other means really have no place in a mobile marketing campaign. If they can get the same deal in the Sunday paper, why sign up and get charged for at text? If everyone that walks in the door gets a free drink on Sunday, why bother signing up as a friend on Facebook? The exclusive nature of mobile deals is what makes this type of campaign work. Those who get them will spread the word if it is worth spreading, and the rest will be history.

Of course with more people than ever accessing the internet through their mobile devices, it is important to take advantage of this as well. Not all websites can be accessed by phone, and it is import to be sure that your site is available in a mobile format to truly take advantage of the mobile marketing phenomenon.

This will allow customers to access all areas of your site from their mobile phone. Why would they want to do this? There are many reasons ranging from convenience to a desire to be earth friendly.

Mobile marketing is actually a very green form of marketing. Allowing customers to access sales information via a mobile device will reduce the number of sales flyers need to be printed. Also, if you offer your customers the option to have coupons scanned directly from their mobile phone, they do not have to print or clip paper coupons, saving tons of paper per year. While it is a lesser thought of advantage, the fact that this type of marketing is very earth friendly cannot be ignored in today’s world.

While convenience may seem to be an obvious advantage to mobile marketing, it is still very much worth mentioning. What could possibly be easier than simply loading all of your coupons onto your phone and simply handing it to the cashier when you checkout? To push the stakes even higher, follow the same rule of exclusivity as was mentioned with text based campaigns.

If those utilizing mobile coupons and mobile web deals know that they are getting something that those not utilizing mobile technology are not getting, they are much more likely to take advantage and take advantage often. It is human nature. We like to feel that going the extra step was worth it.

With all of the available mobile marketing options, it really is a marketing crime not to put mobile technology to good use in advertising and drawing business to your company. At Mad Capper Marketing we can organize and execute a flawless text or other mobile advertising campaign that meets all the criteria to make is successful.

Your mobile customers will know that they are being rewarded for their loyalty, and they can rest easy knowing they are doing something great for the earth too. There is no need to stress over how to get started, as we handle it all for you from start to finish.

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