Customizable Print Ads

Get Quality Patients offers a large assortment of affordable, ready-to-customize print ads guaranteed to polish your image and promote your most profitable cosmetic dental services. They are beautifully designed, well written and easily scalable to fit most any standard magazine ad sizes for dental practices big and small.

Even better, our entire collection of elegantly executed print ads can be combined with a special set of our award-winning postcard designs to create coordinated campaigns to reinforce your sales message, strengthen your brand image, expand your reach and drive up response rates even further.

Custom Print Ads and Coordinated Campaigns

No matter how good you are at what you do, you still need to tell your customers where they can find you and convince them that you are the right company to provide what they want and need.  Print advertising, in all its many forms, is a terrific way to accomplish this and it is surprisingly affordable.

Our creative professionals at Envision Advertising are experts in all types of print advertising and they have developed proven methods for getting consistently excellent results. Our ads are innovative, original, beautifully designed, written by savvy professionals and geared especially for today’s highly competitive market. They will bolster your quality image, enhance your reputation, inform your customers’ about your services and set you apart from competitors.

We can design everything from simple Yellow Page and local newspaper ads to full color magazine spreads and comprehensive, coordinated print campaigns for regional or national operations. We can also provide in-depth advertorial style magazine articles or anything else in the print advertising category. Why not let us create your print ads and start getting all those benefits today?

To see a complete gallery of samples or to see some samples of our award-winning custom print ads, click here. To learn more about our customizable or custom print ads and combo postcard packs, just give us a call at 281-358-2277 or send us an email.