Internal Marketing

Today’s most successful businesses use mass media advertising in conjunction with a coordinated, targeted direct marketing program to reach new prospects & customers. But they also realize that “internal” marketing to their existing customer base is an extremely important and very cost-efficient element that can contribute significantly to continued success.

Your marketing efforts don’t have to end when a customer enters your business. Your storefront or reception area  provide several additional opportunities to reinforce and augment them. We can provide a wide variety of customized materials that will educate your customers, suggest additional services and further enhance your image.

We offer everything from posters, educational pamphlets, brochures, calendars and window displays to “before & after” photos, imaging services and other very effective, informative and affordable sales tools that can help improve your profitability.

Referral, Reactivation & New Mover Programs

The beauty of using referrals to augment your normal advertising efforts is that it is so easy to do – and if properly planned, it can be very effective. You see, your own customers already know and trust you, so approaching them specifically about making personal referrals is a painless, comfortable process. Most will gladly recommend you to members of their family, friends and associates. This stimulates a steady stream of new leads that have already been initially qualified by your current customers.

We can help assess your present customer referral process, take inventory of this handy, built-in “network” and expand it to include professional referrals, professional networking, community organizations, new mover programs to further increase new customer flow, and recall systems to maximize profits from your current customer base. In the process, we will optimize the entire multi-pronged effort to yield the best results by developing incentive programs to reward your existing customers and for stimulating professional referrals. We will also design special introductory offers for new customers, make the whole process quantifiable, and set-up a system to help track results and manage follow-ups.

Just remember that even though our world has become a high-tech network, the best advertising is still good old word-of-mouth referrals from trusted family, friends, associates and repeat business from your already loyal customers.  So we encourage our clients to take full advantage of this often underused form of marketing and we can help you do the same. To learn more, just give us a call at 281-358-2277 or send us an email.