B2B Advertising

We offer a dynamic program called DataVision that will help improve your B2B sales and marketing effectiveness by a wide margin. It is specifically designed to better analyze your business customers and sales lead databases for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing efforts. The DataVision program is set up to help you truly understand your customers, sales leads and markets better in order to increase the accuracy of your response analysis and to sharpen the focus of your sales territory performance. It utilizes state-of-the-art neural net software with “fuzzy logic” and a very deep, up-to-date set of databases to generate comparative reports on a local, regional and / or national basis.

Our exclusive DataVision reports provide highly qualified answers to important questions like:

  • Are your marketing programs attracting the kind of quality leads they should?
  • Exactly who is responding to your ads, website, trade show booth and direct marketing?
  • Which companies or industries respond to your lead generation activities?
  • But more importantly, which ones actually buy the most?
  • How can you deploy your sales force more efficiently and effectively?

Where should you focus your best sales reps and how can you target your advertising and marketing efforts for reaching the right customers more effectively to increase their rate of response?

If you want the answers to these and many other questions, contact us today. We can provide the kind of advanced, highly accurate data analysis that will give you a leg up on your competition, make your sales and marketing investments pay off like never before and all for a remarkably affordable price. To learn more about our super efficient, result-oriented B2B advertising services, just give us a call at 281-358-2277 or send us an e-mail.