Posted on: 03.21.14


An award-winning 16-page color brochure was designed to communicate the revolutionary technology that this client offered to the HR directors of the Fortune 500 companies.

This technology enabled the HR directors to screen and qualify thousands of job candidates for a given position completely online, and picking the best candidate for the job.

Each aspect of the technology was visually communicated through a set of custom illustrations that were commissioned to a world-class artist who was able to bring the complex methodologies and technologies to life through the images that were created.

The end result was so engaging that before the brochure went to press, a mock-up was used by the client to pitch a very large prospective customer.

The presentation was successful and lead to a multi-million dollar contract for the client.

This brochure proved to be an integral part of winning the account and after producing the brochures, they were sent as part of a massive direct main campaign that targeted other HR directors.

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