Step 6 – Final Media Plan, Scheduling & Cost Estimates

Most of the time this step is pretty cut and dried. But occasionally we discover something new while dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. That’s because we also work with a vast network of very talented professionals who represent a world of experience in many fields. These include photographers, illustrators, directors, casting agents, production specialists, printers and media reps to name a few. We rely on their expertise and trust their judgment, so we listen to them when they have a suggestion.

This allows us to remain flexible right up to and including the time we put a project into full production and once in a while, it can save significant costs, time or even add a wonderful new twist to the creative concept. Usually, it is simply an alternate execution or a variation on what has already been approved. But inspiration comes from many places and every so often a terrific idea grows from collaboration rather late in the process. When this occurs, we are open-minded enough to give that idea serious consideration and if it has genuine merit, we may even come back to you with a whole new approach. While this is rare, we believe that it is worth “rocking the boat” in order to get the best possible work done in your behalf. After all, your ultimate success and satisfaction are the guiding lights by which we navigate.