Step 5 – Testing, Evaluation & Adjustments to Concepts

As much as we trust the instincts of our creative team and the research they base their ideas on, we never assume that a concept is as good as it could be until it has been properly tested.

Sometimes, we can evaluate the quality, originality and effectiveness of a design or a script internally. But often we go outside the immediate client /agency group to conduct additional tests. We utilize a number of effective methods for doing this that include field tests and focus groups done by independent organizations and specialized affiliates – depending on the circumstances. This is particularly important when establishing a new brand name or image for a company, product or service.

Once we are sure that a specific design will be well received by our primary target audience, that it fits the project parameters to a tee and passes legal muster, we approve it for production. But that does not happen until it is polished to perfection and we all agree that the concept will help achieve our strategic marketing goals. It must also mesh with all other elements in your marketing program to support, reinforce and augment them in concert. From there, we proceed with confidence to the final pre-production stage of the process.