Step 4 – Creative Concepts & Design

Unlike many, less disciplined agencies, we do not ask our highly talented creative staff to begin working on a project until a consensus has been reached on a set of primary goals and objectives. Furthermore, we provide them with a well-researched marketing strategy and a basic media plan from the outset. They need this vital information to base their ideas on and appreciate the fact that they do not have to waste time guessing about loosely defined parameters. Our writers and designers can go into a new project with complete confidence that the fundamental direction, target groups, media specifications and other factors provided are right on the money.

Not only does this save untold hours of wasted time and effort but it also spares our creative people a lot of frustration. And in the end, it actually helps free them to soar to their highest artistic potential. They experience fewer false starts and find that their concepts fit beautifully into the overall plan. This in turn makes cost estimating and production scheduling a breeze too. As a result, our creative professionals get more satisfaction from their efforts and tend to be happier, more productive people. Even more importantly, you get their very best work in less time and with far fewer hassles.