Our Process – How We Work

Envision Advertising employs a very disciplined process that covers all phases of the work we do for each client and project regardless of size or scope. During this process, we utilize a wide array of tools, capabilities and talents depending on needs. But in every case, we place the end users, your customers at the center of all our efforts.

The following section outlines the 10 basic steps we follow to assure that you get the very best results in all your advertising and marketing programs. The process is designed to be scalable and flexible in order to accommodate future growth, changes in the marketplace and to be responsive to specific needs as they arise. It also has a system of built-in checks and balances geared toward anticipation of those needs and a method of focusing all parties on a unified set of well-defined goals and objectives from the outset. This helps eliminate false starts and serves as a filter for ideas, information and opinions.

While we always adhere to our process, there are times when we need to meet tight deadlines and work with limited budgets for smaller clients. That is why we designed it with both flexibility and scaleability in mind. In other words, when need be, we can think on our feet and act fast.

STEP 1     Discovery, Initial Analysis & Evaluation
STEP 2     Setting Primary Goals & Objectives
STEP 3     Strategic Marketing Research, Media & Cost Analysis
STEP 4     Creative Concepts & Design
STEP 5     Testing, Evaluation & Adjustments to Concepts
STEP 6     Final Media Plan, Scheduling & Cost Estimates
STEP 7     Production
STEP 8     Post Production
STEP 9     Project Launch
STEP 10   Ongoing Analysis & Adjustments

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