Our Motivated Employees

Commitment and competence are the basis for our success.

Our motivation is demonstrated by using drive and creativity to achieve innovative results. Our management teams promote employee motivation through strong leadership, the delegation of challenging tasks and responsibility and by recognizing performance. We want to create conditions in which our staff can sustain their personal and professional development, acquire knowledge and align their personal values with our corporate values. Their personal dedication is stimulated by equitable performance oriented remuneration.

Career Concepts

For some people, a career means an ascent or promotion to a function at the next level of responsibility. However, a new view of career paths is gaining prominence: the development of one’s own capabilities, expanding the basis of one’s knowledge and gaining prestige for one’s abilities, knowledge and personality – from customers, colleagues and superiors. We feel it is vital that everyone have the chance, in all phases of their career, to assume a challenging task into which he or she can grow personally, one which expands competence and prestige – at any level of responsibility.

Employees who quickly grow into roles of increased responsibility place less emphasis on titles and status symbols. They define their place in the human chain much better by gauging their personal and professional worth in terms of:

– being listened to
– being asked for opinions
– being in the information loop
– being given responsibility, trust and latitude
– being able to move things and make a difference

Learning And Development

Envision Advertising’s businesses are knowledge intensive, so our success depends largely on the quality of our people. In times of dynamic change, the quality of our employees has to be secured by closing the learning gaps that arise from new strategies, new products and new services. In addition, individuals have their own learning agenda and want to improve their professional, technical and leadership skills.

In order to meet these accelerated educational needs, Envision Advertising has organized its Learning & Development function into divisional teams that focus on the specific needs of their businesses. To that end, Envision University was established to offer shared products and services as well as the Agency’s learning infrastructure. All together, we are one community of L&D professionals who do their best to offer world class growth opportunities to fellow staff members and to help management execute their strategies.

In the future, we will launch a unique Online Interactive Learning Center for the benefit of all our employees as well as our clients, associates and affiliates around the world. It will be a free resource of ideas and information that covers a wealth of knowledge in all areas related to our businesses.


We benefit from the diversity of our people and our business by working together as a well-synchronized team to achieve mutual success.

At Envision Advertising we are uniquely positioned to support our clients in markets around the globe. Our worldwide network of partners and affiliates gives us a powerful platform to deliver superior results. We back our local strength and expertise with the resources of our integrated global partners. This is yet another reason why Envision Advertising gets results, many times where others have failed.