Our Goals

Customer Satisfaction is the single most important prerequisite for Envision Advertising. It is the foundation of our success and our number one goal. So naturally we place our clients at the center of all our activities. They are the main focus of everything we do and their best interests drive us to accomplish our very best work at all times. This is how we fulfill our vision of providing consistently increasing value to all our clients.

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Reaching Our Goal

What we need in order to achieve our over-riding goal of complete customer satisfaction are highly motivated employees who are willing to adopt the client’s needs as their own. Achieving this depth of commitment also allows us to make a meaningful contribution to society – in all the areas in which we do business.

At Envision Advertising we do more than meet client requirements – we work to anticipate their needs and develop comprehensive solutions that create unparalleled value for them. To help promote the success of our clients’ business, we approach them with competence, openness and courtesy. Their satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our performance.

We are also dedicated to being the very best marketing and advertising services provider in the world. In accomplishing this, we are committed to helping our clients formulate their objectives, achieve their goals and make their aspirations a reality. This is another reason why a working relationship with Envision Advertising leads to positive results every time. We care as much about your success as we do about ours and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Social Responsibility

Within the framework of our corporate goals we share in an even larger responsibility to the economy and society as a whole. We want to be a responsible member of our local and global community, to contribute to the economy and to society – not only in a purely monetary way but also in all areas in which we operate.

Whenever and wherever possible, we want to contribute towards a better understanding between people and help create a better world in which to live.

A Netcentric Future

Envision Advertising has a very strong platform in Texas, its home market, particularly in Houston. We target private customers, small and medium-sized companies as well as multinational corporations and institutions. Building on our extensive branch network in Houston and other major U.S. metropolitan areas, we are now making greater use of the unique new opportunities offered by the Internet and the single U.S. market.

The Internet makes it much easier for our customers to compare the services of many individual providers. We are meeting this challenge by tailoring our services even more closely to fit our clients’ changing needs. Through an ideal balance of personalized advisory and services offered via quick and convenient access channels such as the telephone and the Internet, we are continually evolving to help our clients meet a new set of challenges in this ever more competitive business environment.